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WYNN - Wynn At The Movies and More!

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Box Office Results - Uncharted / 44 million  -  (What A Hit!!)


Big Dog  - Dog - (15 million) /   Spiderman -  (7.7 Million) 


Tom Holland - Stars in movies 1 and 3 above!  He's on an incredible roll right now.  (Story)


New This Week - The Desperate Hour  (Being shredded by critics)  -  (Naomi Watts)


Many - Of the Oscar categories will NOT be shown in the broadcast this year – Boring and little TV interest.  (Story)


Free Guy - Is now streaming for you on various platforms with Ryan Reynolds  (Story) 


Jamie Lee Curtis - Says NO MORE Halloween movies after this one that comes out October 15.  A 45 year run for her!  (Story)


Wendy Williams - It appears her show as we know it, may be over for good. (Story) 


You - Will soon be able to watch Fuller House somewhere other than Netflix.  All episodes be on GAC Family February 28th  (Story)


This Weekend – Check out my Country Music Memory Lane  -  Mega Star Series -  (Vince Gill)   (Read It Here)

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