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WYNN - BROWNS - The Biggest Impact

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Well the Browns off season has been interesting.  The draft is over and we can sort of move on to the biz of playing football in a few months. 

It may be a bit of irony that with all the money the Browns have spent, guaranteed, and the money the DON'T want to pay to bad contracts they themselves granted, the biggest impact player this year may be one of the lowest paid Browns.  Welcome rookie kicker Cade York from LSU.  And it's ABOUT TIME!

The Browns got the best kicker in the draft and that's all you can do.  The past few years it's been agonizing watching Browns kickers shanking kicks all over the stadium in win-able games. Hitting uprights, crossbars, coming up short, hooking footballs into the luxury suites, getting blocked, hitting the center in the fanny with the ball.  (OK that one is a lie).  But it feels true. Quite frankly, it's been embarrassing.  I have had to cover my eyes on simple extra-point tries. They have consistently and completely mishandled this area of the game miserably, there is no other way to put it.

Funny how the NFL is. Could be with our division and the AFC in general being so tough this year, it very well could be the most impactful player the Browns may have this year will be about 175 pounds.  They will without any question play a whole lot of very close games this season, and York could very well be the difference in all of those.  I think if he is as good as billed, he could be worth three points more a game.  Last year our kicking game WAS the difference in a few games, just - the wrong way.  I believe it may have cost us a playoff spot.

The Browns have done all they can do in this area, now the kid just has to perform and get it done.  He will possibly be the biggest impact player we have signed this year.  How many games come down to a kick made or missed? This year, more than likely a ton.

Go Cade!



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