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WYNN - #45 - How Do You Like Me Now - Toby Keith - 2000

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SW small Logo I love career changing songs.  I have always been attracted to them as they alter the direction of an artist, and they always seem to be the ones we really remember, along with their debut song.  Toby had been around for a few years and was having good success.  But when this song and album came out, we met the Toby we would all elevate to Superstar status.  His image had changed and the sound was newer and a bit sharper.  This song would become a gigantic catch phrase with country fans and fans that would have nothing to do with us.  This song works from both the man and woman perspective, depending on who's singing it.  It's not offensive, it's just direct and to the point. There is a tongue-in-cheek element to it as well. This song became an uptempo break up anthem, and it still loved today all these years later. A career changing five week number one song.


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Over the past 42 years I've played Country Music continuously on the radio. I am NOT saying these are the BEST songs, just the ones I enjoy the most.

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