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WYNN - #39 - Martina McBride - Independence Day - 1994

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Martina McBride - Independence Day - 1994

When Martina McBride released this song, country was on a great roll and was a fun, partying, and overall a polite format.  I will not say this song changed history, because that is overstated. But it did open the door a bit further for us not being quite as polite as before.  A few years earlier Garth ruffled some feathers with, The Thunder Rolls and its story line and eventual ending.  Some stations got some guff for it, but it all worked out. This was just as direct and again made some uncomfortable, as there is no doubt this is very difficult subject matter to sing about.  But in fact, this song did give many who needed it the strength to stay away from those who are not good to be around.  This song gave many great resolve to begin again.  Just not in way in the song.  This is the one she will always be remembered for with her soaring vocal performance and daring subject.  Since this song we have become more relaxed on "revenge" songs. Carrie Underwood has made a career out of them, and more recently Hardy with his huge hit, Wait In The Truck.  I love this song by Martina, she's the perfect artist for it, and history has shown it's an important song.

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