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WYNN - #34 I Don't Know Why You Don't Want Me - Rosanne Cash 1985

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Rosanne Cash - I Don't Know Why You Don't Want Me - 1985

SW small Logo I was and am a big fan of Rosanne Cash.  I always felt her music was a little tough to define even during her strong run on the country charts.  It was a nice blend of adult contemporary at times, country, her fathers influence, sometimes a bit of folk, and sometimes real pop country, like this gem.  RC sounded great no matter what kind of music her powerful voice was singing.  I loved this song the very first time I played it on WRMZ in Columbus and have loved it no matter what station came next.  This is a great example of her incredible versatility that to me is darn rare. This song is very strong, and is a whole lot more produced with a bigger sound than many of her previous songs, and I loved every note of it. This is a fine example of mid 80's Pop Country.  It's slick, it's arranged perfectly and I can honestly say I seldom get tired of any RC song, and this is one I can listen to over and over with zero problem.  This was a big number one, co-written by her and husband Rodney Crowell and incredible backing vocals from Vince Gill, won her a Grammy, and was penned after and because of losing out on a Grammy a year or two earlier I think to Juice Newton.  

Rosanne Cash is a BadA**!

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