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WYNN - BROWNS - Breaking Even

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Well it's the off-season and the NFL does a great job of keeping us glued to who they are by creating events that capture the pop-culture world.  The Draft is over, and so is the dropping of the 2024 NFL Schedule.  Now we know who the Browns will play and when, and who is new to the team.  All that means that summer camp is really not that far away.

With the lack any meaningful draft positions, they did the best they could do in that regard.  This is the final year of the Watson trade situation giving three first rounders to the Texans, making them one of the best teams in the NFL. They have lost some players, and picked up, and yes, even drafted a few that could make the team.  They have hired some new coaches that are here to take the offense in a new direction.  We have 4 QB's signed with 2 of them new to the Browns.  This off season I feel the Browns have about broken even - so far. 

The schedule also states the Browns have the toughest schedule in the NFL. But that's not that big of a deal, as that's based on last years records of the teams involved.  Fact is, you want to play tough teams, because that's how you know if you've really got the chops to win it all. The Browns have Superbowl dreams, so this should be welcome.  The NFL is so fluid, you really don't know from year to year who is going to be great or not, there are always surprises, as the Browns were last year.  If you listen to local sports radio, and listen to some of those guys, the Browns are going undefeated or close to it this year.

Of course that's ridiculous. Even the Chiefs lost a number of games last year, as do all teams. But the difference is the Chiefs win when it matters. This is a big year for the the Browns, as many questions may finally be answered.  For the Browns last season, it was a real step forward, and in many ways was still more of the same.  It's time to start doing what the top tier teams do, and that's win when it matters.  We have yet to master that.

Is the schedule tough?  Yes it is.  Much tougher than many are thinking.  That's your reward for making the playoffs.  Games like Dallas at home to open the season, then at a 95 degree Jacksonville that will be healthy in week two. The divisional schedule is always tough, and we don't win in Pittsburgh and that needs to change.  Back in Denver again, when have we won there?  Plus, Joe Burrow and the Bengals should be back in form.

At Philadelphia, and many are counting a win in Vegas, but the west coast has proven to be really tough for us.  And The Chargers coming here with Jim Harbaugh at the helm, they will be ready to play.  And down the stretch, the Chiefs here and the Dolphins here, both will need wins as will the Browns. The Browns will have their hands full most of the season, it is paramount to get off to a good start, and that is totally possible.

I think the Browns are going to look a lot like they did last year.  The defense should be good enough to keep us in most games, but needs to play way better on the road.  Can we score the kind of points needed in the NFL week in week out? They are so all in on Watson, they've fired coaches for the style of offense he wants to play and hired new ones.  I feel Stefanski will shrewdly give up play calling to put that burden on the new coaches.  He runs a more Joe Flacco style offense and may want to distance himself for job preservation from this new "throw on every down and the QB running wild show"  that's coming. Plus, watching his happy and positive body language and demeanor last year with Flacco having great success with the Browns never looking better, leads me to believe Watson may be un-coachable.  It's a big change and risk, but we will see if it works.

But one thing to keep in mind, breaking even will not get it done in the long run. There is still time to improve, and they need to do so.  Because last years Browns were much better, this years Browns will have to be far better than that. 


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