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WYNN - Forgotten Jukebox - ML-07

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Miranda Lambert  - Famous In A Small Town -  2007  -  (Album Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

It's hard to think this was almost 18 years ago, but it was.  This song from this album to me, is the reason we love Miranda Lambert.  I like her when she sings with an edge.  I like it when she's not overly polished in voice or in image. I like Lambert in jeans and boots, and a guitar,with attitude kicking over amplifiers and being rock star-ish!  This really fun song only got to about number 14 in 2007, but greater things were up the road.  But her road is paved with gems like this that fans loved to hear and sing with.  This has the incredible feel of a legendary garage band on the verge of being discovered and I love that, and that will never get old.  This is just good!  This is not her biggest song by any measure, but I will drive around the block to hear her finish this, and I can't say that about many songs, in any format. This is perfect Miranda.

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