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WYNN - Forgotten Jukebox SB- 85

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Step That Step - Sawyer Brown - 1985 - (Album - Sawyer Brown)

Way back when, Sawyer Brown was the toast of the town.  They made a name for themselves by winning a national TV show named, Star Search.  It was a talent show of sorts, a precursor by many years to the reality TV music shows of today.  Sawyer Brown was a rockin' country band, before country bands were really a thing.  For many years Alabama was the only country band to have any real success.  But SB was young, with a very dynamic lead singer showman, with a killer bluesy voice named Mark Miller, and the band came to us from Apopka Florida.  They were fun to watch on stage and many felt after the National TV win, the would be on their way.  In truth, they had some decent success.  Up front, much -  then a long slump - then a strong resurgence in the 1990's when country caught fire.  This was their second song, and it went #1, after their first release, a song called Leona, that I loved, but only peaked at #16.  This though was a very popular song and a big hit.

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