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Watch This!

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Have you been down this road? What do you do?  A couple years ago, my on-air partner Sarah Kay suggested to me that I start wearing a watch.  She said it would compliment me, so I took her advice and went to buy one.  I started off with a simple black leather banded, wrist watch for a few bucks.

Well I have been needing new batteries for both of my watches recently, and I was ticked off that replacing a watch battery can be about as expensive as a good lunch for two. So I put it off -  for a few months -   Until today!



I found this pawn shop of all places that not only put in a new battery, and set the time and date, they did it all for $5.99!  I have never been in a pawn shop before.  I didn't need a secret handshake, or code word, or anything.

Just $5.99 each and a couple of dead watches.    Thanks Nic!

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