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Scoreboard - Where's My Head?

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Over the weekend, The Beautiful Windy and I went to the Tribe game during the lat home stand. It was the 3 hour rain delay game where it never rained.  And as we were devouring hot dogs, and BBQ, we decided to go Tribe fan all the way, and participate all the rest of the off field fun.

So we Tweeted to the Tribe as they ask you to and send a pic in hopes of getting on the huge scoreboard.  And we did. Almost. As we #Tribefan, our pic made it up there, sans half my face, and virtually all of Windy's head.

As we howled every time it came back up on the screen, we resigned ourselves that true stardom would have to wait for another day.  

Almost as much as we laughed at Windy's hashtag later  #wheresmyhead

BIG win for the Tribe last night, coming from behind and beating Boston 7-5!


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