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Dinosaur Dinner?

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For the first time in a long time, I was lucky enough to go to the Cleveland Natural History Museum.  I was there for a formal dinner with Windy, and it was sensational.

Cool place, and the food was great.  Plus, how often do you get to eat dinner with a Tyrannosaurus Rex?   

Our Table Was Right There! 

trex 1

And we got to see Balto! The REAL Balto, (although stuffed) but the one of the most famous dogs ever, that did REAL heroic deeds, called, and calls Cleveland home.  (Pic Above)  

As we walked around I was reminded how cool that entire place is.  In fact, that entire area has been so revitalized it really needs to be seen.

That whole University Circle area is wonderful, and it's not far from Little Italy - Yum!

This Fall head on up there. Lots to do. Fun!

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