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Neon Nights!

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I drive past this place in Peninsula a few times a week, and in total disclosure, I have never been inside.  BUT, I love this sign.

I love old signs like this.  This lit up sign in itself can take me back to an era that was around long before I was.  You don't see these much anymore, and that's a shame.  I pass this sometimes very early in the morning, and I look to see if it's turned on every time.

I like this sign about as much as I like one like the one that simply says "Eat" you'll see on some lonesome highway, in front of some greasy spoon. (I'd have to stop and eat there)   I know this sign is old, and probably takes a lot to keep it going, but I hope they keep it - forever!



(I need to go inside this place sometime)

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