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LOCAL PRIDE - A Great Day With Habitat For Humanity!

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I am very proud to be the voice of Habitat For Humanity of Summit County on WQMX.  I am also very proud to be the Honorary Co-Chair for their annual Home-In-One Golf Outing. In fact, I have been so for the past 11 years, since its inception.  Good people to support.

PICTURED ABOVE- The WQMX Habitat Golf Team of many years, (highly esteemed) Nick Anthony, Me, Lynn Kelly, and my great friend Don!

This years outing is going to be at Gleneagles in Twinsburg, after a nice run at Hudson CC, and Portage CC before that.  A great guy named Jim Sukys invited me to Co-Chair the outing its first year, and it's been an honor ever since.  Jim has moved on, but still plays in the outing every year.  Rochelle Sibbio has been great to me ever since taking over the outing and making sure that everything runs smoothly.  Big kudos too to Annie Boyer, who is a great friend made through this outing, and she has moved on too, but she still believes in Habitat!

I always love supporting people that are worth supporting and they are one of them. They do so much good for our area, and many areas.  Good people, good cause.

I would like to invite you to play in this years outing.  Click here for all the information. It's July 27, tee time is 9AM, it's a Monday so it's a great three day weekend!  This outing is really fun, laid back and all for a GREAT cause.  I would love to see you there.  Get all the info you need  Click Here! 

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