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WYNN - Where Is That Stupid Snow Brush?

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I have to admit, I'm as guilty as anyone who is reading this right now. Here we are, the first big snow of the year and the annual hunt for the snow brush is on at houses all over the area. Probably yours as well.

It never fails.  All spring and summer long that thing is in the way of the coolers, bikes and groceries and everything else we cram into our cars, so after having had enough of that, we toss it aside and say something like, "Get that darn thing out of here, for cryin' out loud!"   (Or something possibly a bit more colorful.)  Then we just go on for the rest of the warm weather months brush free, because there is clearly no need. Then, things change....

TODAY!  Today is the day we wake up and wonder where that stupid brush is. Although today, it's not quite so stupid. In fact, you may be willing to pay good money to know exactly where it is at this exact moment.  All that stands between you and a day of frozen hands, wet gloves (If you can find those) and waiting for seemingly hours for the windows to defrost, is that "stupid" brush. 

Ahhh, The Sweet Smell  Of Success!!!  Top shelf, above the work bench, have no idea how it got there!


And it's never where you think it might be, I always find mine each fall and think, "How the heck did that get there?"  Then a sense of relief of knowing that all is right with the world, and yes, there will be scraping loud enough to wake the neighbors at 6AM.  And good vision that will be larger than a port hole as you go down the road.

Maybe you're one of those "all yearers."  You know, the show brush in the car all year guy or gal.  Brush in peoples way in the back seat, getting wedged under the passenger seat.  Maybe always in the way when you're loading stuff in the back.  If so, congrats to you. I'm not, I'm a "It's warm, and this stupid thing is outta here"  guy!

Good luck this morning, happy hunting, and maybe it's time to show that "stupid" brush a bit more respect.

Happy Brushing and Scraping!!

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