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WYNN - Say Goodbye To Snow Days?

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Out of all that has happened the past few months, many things have been cancelled, delayed and changed. And a whole lot of it not fun at all. In fact, most of it stinks.  And with the storm of the past couple days it got me thinking about the following. 

But what really might stink for many in the aftermath of this are Snow Days from school.  Seems to me that in the long run with all we've learned about virtual learning, that snow days may bite the dust up the road.  I was like every other kid from every other generation before and after me.  I loved snow days!  Waiting to hear your school had no school that day. We would gather around the radio and wait, and wait.  Somehow, ours was always the last one to be read.  But I feel those days may be on borrowed time.  I am hot advocating this, I am just wondering if it is inevitable.  Even ardent supporters of snow days have to possibly see the writing on the wall here.

Why cancel school when you can virtual learn instead of taking the day off? Easier decision for superintendents to make, and safer for the kids in bad weather, bus drivers too, and it saves money. The teachers would hate it, as many times they are happier than the students about no school. Also for all, there would be no worrying to make up days if the winter was really bad, as no one wants to go in late June.  But the fun of snow days would be over.

So, are snow days on the way out?  If I was asked to bet, I would say yes -  in the long run, but they will go kicking and screaming into the night by both students and teachers.  But it just may be a thing whose time has come.

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