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staff tim homeScott Wynn is a Northeast Ohio native and a 42-year morning show host, coming to WQMX 19 years ago. Scott is a 3-time National Award Winning Radio Personality, including a CMA (Country Music Association) in 1997, and a CRB (Country Radio Broadcasters) in 2013. In addition, he is 18-time National Award Radio Nominee. Scott
has a long and consistent great ratings history, and a terrific track record of hosting very successful morning shows around the country.

Scott also has a great record of success for national and local on-air endorsements, fueled by a strong passion for radio, and a deep commitment to clients. Also embracing a deep connection to country music, and station listeners, and events understanding that is where all great shows and stations begin. Scott is a fixture at Blossom Music Center serving as a stage emcee at Major Country concerts. Scott is also an avid station blogger, writing extensively for the very successful WQMX Website (

Monday, 28 November 2022 04:27

WYNN - Who Knew? Am I Late On This?

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Sunday The Beautiful Windy and I were putting up the pre-strung artificial Christmas Tree at the house and some of the lights were not working. We were bummed.  So Windy went online and found this thing. I ran to Lowes and picked it up and it worked!  It fixes stings of lights that are damaged.  It's called the Lightkeeper Pro.  You follow the directions and it fixes the issues. In fairness, it didn't fix EVERYTHING,…
Tuesday, 22 November 2022 01:33

WYNN - BROWNS - Off Season Arrogance

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You saw the game Sunday like I did, and it looked like a lot of other Browns games this season.  I can't say it's disappointing. They are who they are. I am far more disappointed in the many decisions made in the off season and summer camp. Those are the ones that are here to roost.  Players too yes, but the organization has to shoulder a lot of the blame. Sunday's Bills game was no…
Monday, 21 November 2022 01:27

WYNN - Hey, Ya Gotta Clean THAT!

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Alright, it's Thanksgiving week and we are spending a ton of time in the kitchen.  So this a GREAT article to read for when the holiday is over.  After Thanksgiving all of our kitchens are going to need a real cleaning and there are places we sometimes don't think to clean. Well, here you go! Forgotten Areas Of The Kitchen To CLEAN!!!
Friday, 18 November 2022 01:40

WYNN - Wynn At The Movies And More!

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Box Office Results - Wakanda Forever  -  (180 Million)  -   (330 Million World Wide) New This Week - The Menu / She Said     Disney Plus - Sequel  - Disenchanted   New NEXT Week - Strange World - (Disney)   John Wick 4 - Trailer is out and will be in theaters March 2023   John Aniston - Jennifer's dad and Days of Our Lives actor died at the age of 89  (Victor)  …
Thursday, 17 November 2022 01:39

WYNN - CMML - The Mega Star Series - Alan Jackson

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Jenny asked me when it would be Alan Jackson's turn, and today is the day.  He's one of the biggest stars in country music history and that's not hyperbole.  Alan Jackson without question enjoyed every element for massive popularity. He recorded incredible music, was a giant on the radio and the charts, sold a ton, packed arenas, and never varied from his roots recording music was true to the genre, and himself which endeared him…
Wednesday, 16 November 2022 01:35

WYNN - Eat Of The Week!

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Let me see if I have this straight.  Beef, Broccoli, olive oil on a sheet in the oven in cold weather?   It's so good I could eat things like this everyday!  We did it, you have to try this! This Just Looks Ridiculously Good!
Tuesday, 15 November 2022 01:33

WYNN - BROWNS - Now What?

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A few days ago I wrote a comment on one of the Browns social media outlets online, and a bunch of people jumped on me stating various lousy things about my fandom.  My comment was benign enough, as I said that Kevin Stefanski is not the passionate leader this team needs.  I stand by it.  Many climbed on me.  That's fine, I don't respond, it's simply an opinion and I feel no need to be…
Monday, 14 November 2022 01:39

WYNN - Pasta? Who Knew??

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We all run around every day eating pasta and deciding what shape of pasta we are going to make or order at our favorite eatery.  We all seem to have our favorites, like linguini, or angle hair, wagon wheels, bow ties, rigatoni and the list goes on and on. But why do we have these shapes anyway?  Well, let's find out! Man-jah How Pasta Shapes Came To Be
Friday, 11 November 2022 01:36

WYNN - Wynn At The Movies And More

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Box Office Results - Black Adam  -  (18 Million  3 weeks #1) New This Week - Black Panther: Wakanda Forever                       (45 Million in advance tix sales and 175 Million expected this weekend)   New NEXT Week - The Menu / She Said     Disney Plus - Sequel  - Disenchanted   The Crown - Is back on after a two year wait   Don't Worry Darling - It's now available for streaming on HBO…
Thursday, 10 November 2022 01:34

WYNN - Country Music Memory Lane - One And Done

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This week a little different kind of story.  A while ago I wrote an article here called, "Flashes."  Stars that came out in country music over the past few decades that looked like big stars, but things just didn't work out. It does happen. This is an article about those that came out and had one really big song on the country charts and that was it. One And Done.  Some of these were really…
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