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staff tim homeScott Wynn is a Northeast Ohio native and a 42-year morning show host, coming to WQMX 19 years ago. Scott is a 3-time National Award Winning Radio Personality, including a CMA (Country Music Association) in 1997, and a CRB (Country Radio Broadcasters) in 2013. In addition, he is 18-time National Award Radio Nominee. Scott
has a long and consistent great ratings history, and a terrific track record of hosting very successful morning shows around the country.

Scott also has a great record of success for national and local on-air endorsements, fueled by a strong passion for radio, and a deep commitment to clients. Also embracing a deep connection to country music, and station listeners, and events understanding that is where all great shows and stations begin. Scott is a fixture at Blossom Music Center serving as a stage emcee at Major Country concerts. Scott is also an avid station blogger, writing extensively for the very successful WQMX Website (

Friday, 08 July 2022 01:25

WYNN - Wynn At The Movies And More!

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Box Office Results - Minions (The Rise Of Gru)  -  108 Million Top Gun - Another 26 million   (Crossed a BILLION) Tom Cruise – Seems he will get about 100 million for being in the movie  (Story) New This Week - Thor: Love And Thunder   Next Week - Paws Of Fury / The Deer King / Where The Crawdads Sing / Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris   Stranger Things - Record Numbers!!! Billion hour…
Wednesday, 06 July 2022 01:05

WYNN - Eat Of The Week!

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Got a new air fryer?  I love ours and here is a cool article that you can check out to make you a star of the new appliance the minute you get it! Five Perfect Ways To Use Your New Air fryer Out OF The Box!  
Tuesday, 05 July 2022 01:01

WYNN - LOCAL GOLF - The Quarry

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I was lucky enough to play The Quarry in Canton last week.  What an amazing golf course, set in the hills just a few miles from downtown.  Feels like more than a million miles away though.  Approach To Number 18 This course is a gem.  Cut in an old quarry, it is as beautiful as it is challenging. This is very unique golf in the fact it has a ton of terrain, and angulation from…
Wednesday, 29 June 2022 01:48

WYNN - Michelangelo Winery - Fantastic!

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  The Beautiful Windy and I love to drink wine together.  Many times it's on our patio, or by the fire, but last weekend it was at the Michelangelo Winery.  What a nice place, big too. We had a wonderful outdoor table and enjoyed a bottle of one of their Rose' with a delicious pizza and it was a great afternoon.  When we went to California Wine Country a few months ago, we decided we…
Friday, 01 July 2022 01:31

WYNN - Wynn At The Movies And More!

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Box Office Results -  Elvis and Top Gun -  (31 Million Each)   New This Week - Minions (The Rise Of Gru)   Next Week - Thor: Love And Thunder   What? - About 60% of us think we have what it takes to be an action movie star    Stranger Things - New  -  Streaming right now!   Christian Bale - Says he'd play Batman again, but only if Christopher Nolan is the director…
  The Mega Star Series rolls on this week with Reba McEntire, as she is the very definition of mega star.  When I write these, a goal is to find the intangibles and the gifts these stars gave us outside of the music, as we know the music is great.  In Reba's case, what she has done outside of the music, may be bigger than what she did with the music. She has been a…
Tuesday, 28 June 2022 01:23

WYNN - Words That Are Thier Own Opposites!

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I honestly never thought of this before, but there are words that are their own opposites.  Ran across this list and it was fun and eye-opening! Words That Are Their Own Opposites 
Monday, 27 June 2022 01:17

WYNN - Summer Is Here - Road Trip!

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Summer is here and you may be looking to take a vaca of some kind.  Found this article, and if you are into road trips in a car, your SUV or your RV, these are some really great road trips to take! Fantastic Road Trips! If not this summer, these have to be done!  
Friday, 24 June 2022 01:24

WYNN - Wynn At The Movies And More!

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Box Office Results -  Jurassic World - (59 Million)  /  Lightyear - (51 Million)  /  Top Gun -  (44 Million)  New This Week - Elvis   Next Week - Minions (The Rise Of Gru)   In 2019 - The average person went to the movies about 5 times a year.  Now, about 2 times a year. - But getting better   Top Gun: Maverick – Just passed the $900 million at the box office, and…
This week we'll do things differently and look at three stars in one. The Roots And Boots tour is back on the road.  This tour was out a few years ago and it made a grand stop at the Wayne County Fair, a concert I emceed and fans loved it. This tour consists of Aaron Tippin, Collin Raye and Sammy Kershaw, and it will be part of Neon Nights at Clay's Park in August. These…
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