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WYNN #4 - Reba McEntire - You Lie - 1990

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#4 - Reba McEntire - You Lie - 1990

As I put this list together it was a big job going through 40 plus years of songs.  Some were no brainer's and others I knew would be high on the list.  There were also some surprises on just how much I liked them, and this is one of those.  I rounded up the artists and picked a few songs from each.  Then some songs I was considering had to go through "brackets" like a basketball tournament to see who would win and this song just kept climbing, all the way to #4.  Reba had some great songs, but truth be told she had some that missed with me over her many years.  I was always drawn to Reba songs that showed her more natural voice, her true emotion, her sheer ability, and her total conviction to the song.  I always loved, Whoever's In New England, Up To Heaven and others.  But this is in another league still, by far my favorite Reba song.  It's strong, sad, honest, grown up, and country.  This is amazingly honest, it could cut too close to the bone for many, but that's why I love it.  This is the most surprising song on my 50 Favorites list because it just kept climbing and passing songs I originally thought I liked better.  To me, Reba's best performance of her remarkable career.  A big #1, her 14th, and a work of country art.  At this time of her career, she was untouchable.

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