Wednesday, 08 February 2023 19:43

Early Commercials... or Not?

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Unless your team is in 'The Game' Sunday, it's mainly about the food and commercials, right?

I don't know which camp you are in:  The Old School, want to be surprised by the commercials.   

Or the early leaked commercials that seems happens a ton now...  

I like to be surprised by them to some extent.  Hearing who is going to be in commercials is alright...

This one snuck thru my radar this year (but then I found out it was already released.)

The Scream Movie Franchise will release the Trailer for the movie in 'The Game' Sunday.  Here it is...

I'm not much of a scary movie fan.  Scream in the past was Ghostface running around falling over everything. 

This movie is more my cup of tea.. or bowl of mashed potatoes as the case maybe:

Enjoy the commercials and more THE FOOD!!!!

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