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Draft Drinking Game

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Remember Drink Responsibly:  The Browns Pick is WAY later than usual!!!!!

Some people use wing hotness as a game instead of drinking.

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I think it is best to mix the rules of all games but basically.  It's tiered rules determining how and what you drink.

Maybe my Drinking Game Rules would be:


  • The announcers share a heartbreaking personal story about a prospect
  • Every time the cameras cut to NFL team’s war room
  • “We’re so happy we’ve got fans back this year” 
  • Someone takes a quarterback in the first round that didn’t have a first round grade
  • A quarterback’s hand size is brought up
  • A player’s suit matches the team that drafted him
  • A player is on camera looking at phone

Drink... when:

  • A player is hugged by Goddell.
  • Opting Out of Season comes up
  • Quarterback drafted
  • A Trade Occurs
  • Team's Fans Boo Their Pick
  • Anytime (Huge Upside, High Ceiling, High Motor, Character Issues, All the Throws, Plays well in Space, Big Board, Best Player Available, Day 1 Starter and Intangibles are used by announcer.)

Finish your drink when:

  • A player cries and hugs family
  • Joe Thomas is referenced on a boat fishing
  • Terminal Tower or a Cleveland Landmark appears
  • When someone praises North East Ohio
  • Any Hall of Fame References, shots or stories

Good luck and enjoy the draft and if you are going enjoy the party and be safe!!!  

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