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Kane Brown's Good Idea

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Kane Brown's Good Idea Photo Courtesy of RCA Nashville

This was the subject of my Country Quiz today and I thought I would give you a little more backstory. My question went like this: This singer and his wife had been wanting to record a duet, and he said when he heard their current single for the first time, he knew they found the one! Who is he? Of course the answer I was looking for was Kane Brown, and the song I was referring to is his and Katelyn Brown's current single "Thank God". 

Now, you're probably wondering where the 'Good Idea' comes into play as I stated in the headline. The song wasn't originally pitched as a duet, but it was Kane's good idea to record it as a duet with his wife, Katelyn. He said in an interview, ""So my buddy Josh, that’s signed to my publishing deal, he sent me a song called 'Thank God' and I listened to it and I fell in love with it. And then kept listening to it and kept listening to it. I was like, this could be a duet. So I asked Kate and Kate fell in love with the song and now it’s one of my favorite songs off the album.”

We love it too, Kane and Katelyn!


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