Tuesday, 16 May 2023 22:58

FINALLY getting better!

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I feel like I need the Rose Dawson "It's been 84 years" meme from Titanic to describe how long it feels since I hurt my ankle falling up my steps. I checked, it's been 16 days. Truthfully it DOES feel like 84 years! LOL.

I am finally able to walk with almost no pain at all, the bruises are just about completely gone, ANNNNDD as of today I am able to wear a nicer pair of slip on shoes that I normally wear to work for the first time since this happened! That feels like a majo victory. Up until now, it was too painful to push my foot inside the shoe or twist my foot to try to fit the shoe on. As of tonight though...NO MORE!

It is so nice having a choice in footwear again! Pleased to no longer be stuck wearing tennis shoes or maybe sandals if it's nicer out. Now if I can keep myself from doing this again for 84 years, I'll be GOLDEN!!! haha

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