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I'm stoked to announce: I bought a new car! Well... new to me that is. 

She's a '98 Chevy Blazer 2-door with a 5-speed manual transmission and relatively high mileage that I scooped up for a good price out of Kenmore. It was a California truck for most of its life and is stupid clean. Aside from some dents, dings, and sunspots, she's just gorgeous. There are little things that need addressed inside and out on the vehicle, but overall, I'm in love. 

The best part of it all is that the Blazer has 4x4! I have to keep telling myself, "Joe, you just bought this. Do not go mess it up mudding immediately. Keep it nice." I at least need it to make it through winter in one piece. It's not the Zr2 package either, so I need to do a couple things before she's ready for 'ffroading. At a minimum, I'd one day like to add a 2" lift, some meaty tires, mud flaps, skid plates, a bash bar, and a winch. It's cool to have a daily worth putting money into! 

I'm really excited to have it for transporting my powersports, especially. I just had a pressure washer in the back and it fit with room to spare, and the whole car just feels like it's a better size for me. I'm 6'3" in my cowboy boots, and never in my life have I owned a car with ample headroom. From my Valiant to my Monte Carlo SS, I've had to lean the seat back further than I would like to so as to avoid bumping my noggin. This Blazer however, just feels right to me, and even the backseat is roomy despite it being a coupe. I actually grew up riding in the back seat of a similar Blazer and I feel like it's all come full circle back to me now. 

Prior to purchasing the car, I had never really driven a standard shift. With almost no idea exactly what I was doing, I kind of just went at it with a sink or swim mentally. I managed to drive her home though, grinding gears and stalling the whole way through! While we're on the topic, I want to take the opportunity here to remind you that there are still people out there learning to drive a stick shift! Please, give me a little grace at those green lights; I swear I'm trying! I know it's green!!!

I'm back in that spot again where I have three vehicles in my name, so I'm selling the old daily and praying the gas money on this bigger car doesn't beat up my bank account too badly. My master plan is to use the Blazer as my daily, have the El Camino as my Sunday cruiser classic show car, and ride the motorcycle as much as possible otherwise. Not only do I love cruising around on the bike, but it's amazing on gas, so that'll all work out well I think. I can't wait to take the Blazer when I go out fishing, on little road trips, and even camping! 

I really could go on and on writing about my new set of wheels, but I wanted to ask, what should I name her? My Monte Carlo SS was named Carly, my Civic is Vicky, and the Elky is Eleanor. I'm leaning towards Whitney since she's white, but I'm very much open to suggestions. If you have any, I'd love it if you would drop a text in on the WQMX Studio Text Line (sponsored by Cricket Wireless) at 330-370-2000. Although I work overnights, you can do that any time and I'll be sure to see it. Thanks for reading this and for tuning in to WQMX!




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