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GTA 6 Trailer Released

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With several blogs on the topic, it's no secret I love the Grand Theft Auto series, and this Tuesday was huge in the timeline of events towards a new game as the official trailer for GTA 6 was released! This comes a decade after the release of the current game, GTA 5, and the new game itself won't even hit shelves until 2025. 

Rockstar has the potential to produce the greatest game ever made thus far in their hands here, so long as they do it right. I'm so incredibly nervous about it all. They had 12 years, so it had better be glorious. I'm especially worried about the online aspects of the game. I really hope they don't have any subscriptions or passes or pay-to-play features beyond selling Rockstar Points or whatever it is in GTA Online. The online part of GTA 5 is toxic and overwhelming and a shell of what it was originally, as it stands. It goes way too deep with the heists and missions and stuff, let alone the gangs and the businesses and whatnot. It's a real mess, so I stick to playing story mode and will do that again on 6 if it's equally unpleasant online.

I just hope they focus on the game itself more than adding silly missions and endless content. What I want more than anything is for each and every car you encounter to be different, just like in real life. In all the prior games, the cars come in packs, and the only differences among them are the paint colors, generally. I want to see bumper stickers, custom wheels, scratches/dents/rust, and completely unrelated vehicles spawning instead of just the same three at a given time in a certain area. I want to see roads with potholes and untrimmed grass in yards and unique NPC's too. That shouldn't be too much to ask with a decade plus of development going into GTA 6. 

With all this said, the GTA 6 trailer looks sick. I'm loving all the Florida references with it set in Vice City. Years ago, I prayed the new game would be Vice City (from GTA Vice City), since 5 was San Andreas (from GTA San Andreas) and 4 was Liberty City (from GTA 3). I'm anxiously optimistic about this new video game, but what do you think? Check out the trailer below! 


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