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Post-Op: Day by Day

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If you missed it; I had my wisdom teeth taken out this past week and I have been in recovery since. Let me begin by telling you just how good it feels to be back in the studio here doing my thing! I was tuned in throughout my time off, and I want to thank Nate, Nick, and Marty for filling in for me during my absence. 

I'd rather not go into much detail on the surgery itself, but it was successful. The team of professionals taking care of me did a fantastic job all the way through, and I am so very grateful that it was a smooth operation. I was totally freaking out as I awaited sedation, and I am glad they wasted no time in knocking me out. I was somewhere in between awake and asleep for the procedure, but once that IV was going, I felt nothing. I was a little loopy for a short while afterwards, but I had it together more than I had anticipated for the car ride home. 

For the remainder of the first day and even into the next, I was numb. I couldn't feel my lips or chin, and that really messed with me. I also could not open my mouth more than a little bit, and even drinking a sip of water proved nearly impossible as I just couldn't figure out how to swallow. Alongside the overall pain, these things improved in the following days. The swelling, on the other hand, got worse before improving. 

Once I was able to eat, I tore up a ton of creamy mashed potatoes. I've had so much that I think I'm good on that dish until about Thanksgiving! I would switch between those and vanilla ice cream, and it was several days until I was able to have anything else. 

Just as my choices for nourishment were drastically limited, so too were my options for things to do. I'm not the type who enjoys being idle, but I was forced to take it easy. I watched a lot of television and movies, and I barely left the house at all. Our housecats, Freddy and Fiona, kept me company as I healed. I managed to get a little work in on my buggy project and played some video games too. That was pretty much it.... 

So, where am I at in my recovery currently? I still can't eat anything that requires chewing. Talking isn't the easiest thing, and I'm doing my best to not let that affect my performance on-air. I'm still very sore and a dull face pain remains constant. I'm swollen and outwardly bruised. The process is certainly slower than I had expected, but I'm taking it day by day, and each one is now better than the last.

I'm just glad to be back! Thank you for tuning in to 94.9 WQMX. 

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