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Mowin' Man

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As my lawn turned from grass to jungle, I knew I couldn't put off mowing much longer. I closed my eyes to it through the weekend, but with the beautiful weather we had to start off this work week on Monday, I broke down and got it done. 

I've been searching and searching for a cheap lawn tractor upon which I could cut the grass, but nothing has come up yet. I'm willing to put some work into it, too. I do have an old Simplicity Broadmoor, but the deck it came with is pretty well roached and it is more for recreational use. So, as it stands, we're pushing! 

I got the push mower for free from my mom and all it needed was the pull cord to be replaced. That was easy enough, and now it runs well. The blades could use sharpened and I'm sure it needs an oil change, but it does the job. 

It took me close to an hour to finish mowing, and by the end I was whooped. Jeans probably weren't the best choice.... It looks real good, however!

Now, what about you; are you still holding off on that first mow of the season? Things were getting a little excessive in our backyard, so I did what needed done. I'll tell you what, though, my drive to find a rider has skyrocketed. I certainly don't want to be huffing it with the push mower all summer. I'll be sure to introduce you to it in a blog if/when I pick up a tractor. 

By the way, WQMX is the perfect soundtrack for your outdoor chores. You can listen on your radio 94.9 FM, get us going on your smart devices, or stream online HERE. We even have an app available for your mobile device! Whether it's through a stereo, Bluetooth speaker, or even headphones- there's no bad way to listen to Your Country. With landscaping and whatever else you've got going on, let WQMX handle the music while you keep checking off those outdoor chores! 

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