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Love to see it!

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I'm a big fan of radio station memorabilia, especially when it comes to WQMX. (Go figure!) Old shirts, stickers, and logos are just the coolest things to me. They're remnants of a time past, and I often wonder if the station branded items I keep and the work I do under these call letters will weave into that history as well. To be that guy in those dated photos, to have driven that old WQMX promotions van, to have spun the hit songs of the era, and to have spoken on that same microphone as the local radio icons before me is what it's about. It's an honor to attempt to carry on the legacy, and I've got some huge shoes to grow into still. 

Before we get too far, I can't neglect to mention how cool the Send Me Backstage T-Shirts are in charting WQMX history. I want them all; past, present, and future. Be sure to stay posted for this year's new shirts. I'm really excited for the upcoming big reveal! 

Now, we're far from a young station, but there are some much older too. To put that another way, you won't find any 1970's WQMX Country gear. "Vintage" WQMX as we know it would probably best be a throwback to the 90's and early 2000's, and it was in those years we developed an identity. Our tagline is "Your Country! 94.9 WQMX," but that took some years to settle upon. Looking back, I've seen everything from "Kickin' Country" to "Your Station, Your Country!" 

You can get an estimate for when something was branded with WQMX based on this evolution. The latter slogan appears on our 2010 The Country Fest poster in our studio, for example. With that, I knew this WQMX sticker I came across in the wild the other day was nothing short of a classic. 

I was at the junk yard pulling parts for my Blazer when something bright caught my eye. A yellow Blazer just like mine sat deep in the yard, having seen much better days. The vehicle suffered front end damage from an accident but didn't seem too far from scrap regardless, based on the looks of it. It was all sorts of rusty, crusty, and musty. You could tell it was once a sweet little ride with some custom pinstriping on that vivid paint and some nice factory options to go with. There was hardly anything good left on that old Chevy, but I noticed something that put a big smile across my face. 

Somewhere along the line, the old owner slapped a WQMX sticker on the banana-colored SUV! It's still there, after all these years. The Blazer I found was a 2004 and the dated tagline reads "Akron's Own Country," so it has seemingly lived most of its life with that badge upon the side window. Let me just say... that's awesome. I eat that up. 

I love to see it. 

If you're rocking a WQMX sticker or magnet on your ride, thank you! 

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