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WYNN - BROWNS - Time To Look Within

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Tough loss for the Browns this week, or was it? It was a game that should have been won.

I love the Browns and I am committed to expect more from them than seasons past.  OK, before we move on, I saw the pass interference play like you did. It was ridiculous and the league needs to hold these lousy officials and calls accountable. But they won't, and don't. It's a league wide problem of deciding games with their egos and it happens every week on a few NFL fields.  And can we stop with all the Facebook stuff like, "They must be paid by the Chargers" or "How much they paying you, ref?"  That's childish and excuse laden. Because even with that play, the Browns have themselves to blame for the loss.  Period.

The two losses this season could haven easily been wins, as was last years playoff game with the Chiefs.  One common denominator. The Browns don't know how to close out games. Not yet, and it needs to be fixed ASAP, or it's gonna get in their heads if it's not already. And looking at this honestly they are even having a tough time closing out lesser opponents as well.

Sunday, even after that horrible call and the gift of a shanked extra point, the Browns had a chance to close things out. The games best running game and a QB that doesn't turn the ball over is the perfect recipe for that, and they didn't get it done.  It's as simple as that. That's when you have to run the ball down their throat and drain the clock. That's what great teams do, and what we're built for.  On days the defense struggles, the offense has to pick them up and get it done. And Visa versa.  Please stop with the excuses of refs and all that kind of silly talk and look within.

There are plenty of games up the line where this will happen again, and they will be in a position to win late and they need to do it or the season will be a disappointment. Do you want to win 8 games or 12 games?  The Browns are a very good team, but that's not good enough. They need to play great when it matters . Again, that is nothing new for the Browns who have specialized in the 59 minute game for decades, giving things up very late.  And in Los Angeles against a good team that you need to beat would have been a great time to change it.  I'm not down on the Browns at all.  But if we want to get to the top, as they are built for, we must be demanding of them, and they of themselves.

Injuries, bad refs, bad breaks, great QB's, and away games are all a part of the NFL, and that can't be hidden behind.  You play the guys you have, the teams your scheduled, where they are scheduled, and the league officiates them. That is every teams reality.

Because 1 team will do all the things that we need to do, and they will be on top. The rest of us will wait for next year.  Close teams out, finish the game!  Finish the way you start and all will be OK.


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