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WYNN - Song Of The Week - Walker Hayes AA

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It used to e more than common for careers with country artists to get going at about 40 years old.  That of course is not the norm anymore as breakthrough singers are now in their very early 20's for the most part.  But Walker Hayes is 42, and starting to hit his stride.

Fancy Like was of course a huge song in every way possible, so now what?  FL is a funny sort of novelty song like that can be really hard to follow up sometimes.  It's a smash, and people want to hear it.  So, his new song AA, yes it is a funny ditty about many peoples real life and the tune is exceedingly catchy. But there is much more to both songs.

But As funny as Fancy Like is, and as amusing as AA is, the strength of both songs is their blatant honesty. Both lyrically speak directly to millions of people that can relate in every way. And that has been the separator for country music since it's beginning.  Honest stuff here.

AA -  My Song Of The Week

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