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WYNN - ACM'S - This May Be Where We Are Going...

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Last night the ACM'S did their entire award show on Amazon Prime Video only.  This was the first time they did this, as the steaming towards streaming of Award Shows officially picked up speed. 

For many years, both the CMA'S and the ACM'S have been big-time ratings winners for the broadcast networks.  And for the networks, a big pay day as commercials filled the show.  But over time, people's habits, fans attention spans, and the streaming service boom has painted a very different color on the TV viewing canvas.  For me, I feel ALL award shows are a perfect match for streaming services and I feel in time, they ALL will be there.  Even the Oscars. 

Although I can't decide if the Oscars will be the next to do it, or the last one kicking and screaming into the night to do so. They used to be such a huge ratings winner, but not so much anymore.  So much so, they are cutting the airing of many award winners this year on the network.  People are bored easily now and the best costumer, and makeup artist speaking on TV, just isn't compelling anymore - in fact, never really was.  Plus, many are fatigued on Hollywood types opinions and rambings in general.

Award shows of all kinds and their fans are the ones that would benefit the most from a simple streaming event.  They can go as long as they want, they can say and do as they please, and they will know that virtually all that are watching are real fans and have something vested in their show.  There would not be an angry contingent at 11:10 PM waiting for their favorite local newscasters and weatherperson to tell them to "Pack their umbrella as it might be a soggy one in the morning,"  when they run long.

Also, I feel the streaming audience is far more tolerant of content than regular TV watchers.  More than likely far fewer would be offended by various long winded, non-show related political rants by award winners choosing to say those things as they win the biggest award, in the biggest moment of their professional life. (Although this is NOT a problem on the Country Award shows)  Song lyrics and crude content of any kind, bad language as well, and the outfits many wear would also be in the clear. Again, not an issue on the Country shows.

It is a new day for much of actual TV watching, and the ACM'S are the early rays through the trees of this fresh dawn.  We will see if this is a model that many others will follow.  I see this as yet another small nail in the giant coffin of traditional network TV.  Because of streaming, cable and various broadcast laws and restrictions, they overall have nothing new to offer contemporary media consumers, from their prime time programming and especially their news divisions.  (Does anyone really wait till 630 for the network news anymore?)  They are the dinosaurs looking up at the speeding meteor.

BUT as much as anything the long term success of any award show, streaming or being broadcast on a network will be the MONEY.   I know that sounds cynical, but sadly, it's almost always true.  When looking for the correct answer to pretty much anything, just follow the money.  If this is financially viable to the various organizations, look for more of it.  Because the format is right for it.

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