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WYNN - CMML - The Mega Star Series - Alan Jackson

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SW small Logo Jenny asked me when it would be Alan Jackson's turn, and today is the day.  He's one of the biggest stars in country music history and that's not hyperbole.  Alan Jackson without question enjoyed every element for massive popularity. He recorded incredible music, was a giant on the radio and the charts, sold a ton, packed arenas, and never varied from his roots recording music was true to the genre, and himself which endeared him forever to his fans.  He's in the same breath as Garth, George Strait, Clint Black, Alabama, Reba, Shania, Randy Travis and a few select others.

First Single  - No Success


Jackson was from the vaunted class of 1989 that further advanced the mantel that Randy Travis and Dwight Yoakam had started a few years earlier and advanced it even further.  But the start for Jackson was not this seamless transition you may be thinking.  His first single was called Blue Blooded Woman  (that I loved) , but it fell flat on its face getting only up to #45 on the charts.  But Jackson was a seasoned songwriter and there was of course great success up the road.  The next single, Here In The Real World (album same name) was a huge hit, going to #3, and the rest is history. As many times as I have seen him in concert, he always says this about that song, "Here's the song that saved my life."  It was his springboard to insane heights ahead.

First Big Hit - Changed Everything


The first time I saw Alan Jackson was on his Here In The Real World video.  After seeing about half of it, I was convinced we were seeing the dawn of a major new star. The song was great, it was right on time with its sound - and so was he with his good looks, hat, his image, and overall "every guy" demeanor.  That persona served him incredibly well for the next 25 years or so, that was seemingly patterned after George Strait.  His ascension was perfectly timed as country was on the launching pad and ready for a huge take-off.  He is a GREAT example of being influenced by Hank Williams Jr and John Anderson of the early 1980's. Both were extremely influential musically to many at that time, as they really energized a whole new generation. 

Huge Hit! - Big Time Springboard


The numbers on AJ are legendary with about 80 million albums sold, 66 singles, 35 #1 songs and a long list of awards and accolades.  But his commitment to country music and keeping it country is one of the really great gifts he has given us over the decades.  He has been outspoken about keeping country - country.  He recorded the song Murder On Music Row with George Strait that directly criticizes Nashville's move to a more pop sound. He protested on the CMA award show live his disdain for not letting George Jones sing a full song on their telecast, by cutting his own time short and singing a Jones song, and got a huge standing ovation for it live.  Then he simply finished and walked off the stage.  He also was asked to sing at Jones' funeral later.

CMA - Jones Song - Done Live  - Caused A Stir


His performance on the 2001 CMA awards live when he sang Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning after the 911 attacks is legendary and is one of the best moments in our history.  I think these things endeared Jackson to millions of fans.  Not only was he a beyond gifted songwriter, and recording artist he was committed to his craft and the genre in general.  His songs were incredibly believable, and that's the key to any real success. Jackson seemed to grasp what was happening around him as well as any. 

This Was A Huge Moment  -  And A Vince Gill Intro  - Giants!


He never really strayed from his own center and that both served him well and not so well.  Jackson recorded great albums for 25 years and fans knew what they were getting from him and it was lucrative.  But over time, the industry does change and it demands change, and in time everyone's chart run comes to an end.  Jackson's just lasted way longer than most, he was blessed in that regard.  He proved to have George Strait longevity and that's a tough in any format.  His quiet demeanor was overshadowed by big personality stars like Garth, Shania and others. But his outspokenness at select times -  and his chart success ran on far longer than almost everyone of his time.  Or any time.

Gone Country  - Huge Hit - Loved Still Today


After his chart success, he pivoted to recording highly successful Gospel albums including the wildly popular Precious Memories 1 and 2.  Also a bluegrass album, and other specialty projects.  He's done it all and every time he records music, people love it, and buy it.   He's won ACM's, CMA's, AMA's, Grammy's and about every other kind of award you can. He's in the Country Music Hall Of Fame, the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and has an interstate named after him in his native Georgia.  He's done everything.  Jackson has had some health issues over the past number of years making stage performing tough with balance issues.  But he continues to record with an album out as late as 2021.

Huge Song, Huge Video


His success reminds me of George Straits career. Great music for decades, and fans knowing what they were going to get. Neither one ever really had the one GIGANTIC song that was hard to follow up.  They never seemed to get bored with their music and venture off on some new and risky musical path.   I feel he is worthy of a country music Mount Rushmore of the past 40 years.  He not only was a star, but a advocate for our music and our format.  There is no star in our history that is in a category higher than him.  He is in the same breath as any country star -  from any era -  you can think of.

Powerful Song - Look At The Views


Alan Jackson - A Mega Star.

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