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WYNN - "Ya Gotta Get Up Early...!"

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SW small Logo It's Monday and for many it's a tough day to get going.  I have always had a very different take on Mondays. Although there are weeks I'm not ready for the weekend to end, I LIKE Mondays.

It's my job.  I have been getting up at about 2:30AM for 40 years to do mornings shows here and around the country and great country radio stations.  My job is a lifestyle, not a job.  It's a way of life and you have to adjust to it. I love being up early and I live this place and this station. 

I hear people say that "they are not morning people."  Well, that's too easy to simply say.  I think everyone can be if motivated enough by something other than just everyday life.

Here's a GREAT article to see if you can - or not! 

Can You Become A Morning Person?

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