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WYNN - #41 - Here You Come Again - Dolly Parton - 1978

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Dolly Parton - Here You Come Again -  1978

SW small Logo  Again, released before my time in Country Radio, but this song for Dolly was a big time game changer.  She recorded dozens of albums before and after this. But this album and single took her to the next level.  This song was a 5 week number one, and a very short time after this song, Dolly was more than a country singer, she became a pop culture icon and legend.  This was a big pop hit as well and introduced Dolly to millions of new fans.  I also feel this song was very important for us, as it predated Urban Cowboy and helped show the world that country was more than what many may have thought before. (Read - Three Big Songs, Three Great Women). In the years ahead Dolly became a movie star, a star of stage, and a TV star with her own show.  Dolly had a nice run though the 1980's and beyond, and this song and album set that into a higher gear.  This is timeless, it still sounds great, and to me is among the perfect examples of "pop country."  A wonderfully done uptempo, vulnerable love song, that wasn't too far from center.  Vulnerability, Dolly's incredible and unmatched calling card.

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