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WYNN - The Forgotten Jukebox 3

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We Danced Anyway – Deana Carter -  1997 -  (Album - Did I Shave My Legs For This)


Strawberry Wine was such a huge song, sometimes we forget that Deana Carter had other amazing songs too. Her album, Did I Shave My Legs For This, was a gigantic success and this song is one of the big reasons why.  I mean how do you follow up a single like Strawberry Wine?  With this gem written by two of the very best songwriters in Nashville, Matraca Berg and Randy Scruggs, that turned out to be a two week number one. That's pretty tough to do after a big hit like SW.  This song makes you happy and even without watching the video, it draws a picture in your mind's eye about as well as any song can.  I always felt that this song has gone too long being underrated and sadly is not heard much anymore.  But, this is a fantastic example of 90's feel good country that filled all of us with joy, and fun. The perfect song finding the perfect artist for it!  Well done, Deana - well, well done! 

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SW small Logo Wednesdays have a new feature, The Forgotten Jukebox Series.  I will spotlight a big hit song - post 1980 - that you just don't hear anywhere anymore.  All of these songs were very popular, in fact most were number ones, and they all are from great artists that you know.  Many times we still play a ton of songs from these stars, but for some reason these songs over time have fallen through the Country Music Cracks pretty much everywhere, and have sadly been lost.  They have a new and safe home in my basement in My Forgotten Jukebox.

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