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WYNN - Forgotten Jukebox

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Letting Go - Suzy Bogguss -  1992 - (Album - Aces)


I feel the incredible Suzy Bogguss is the best pure vocalist we have had in country since I have been in it.  She is absolutley blessed with perfect pitch (which is a real thing.)  Her voice is and was timeless, knows no real bounds, and it all seems so effortless.  She also understands that louder is not better - better is better.  When Suzy Bogguss sings you have to listen.  This was a number six hit on the country charts, and did well on the Canadian country charts too. This is powerfully written and delivered wonderfully, as a highly emotive story of a mother and daughter and their journey together.  The thing that jumps out of the speakers for me is this.  We don't really record a lot of songs like this right now.  This is honest, happy, sad, very emotional, and it's hard not to feel something deep when you hear it.  If you have never really heard Suzy Bogguss sing a song, or if it's been a while, take a few minutes and give her your full attention. Listen to her angelic performance of this song, it should live forever somewhere. For what this is, it's just about perfect.

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