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WYNN - #32 - Georgia On My Mind - Willie Nelson - 1978

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Georgia On My Mind  - Willie Nelson - 1978

SW small Logo I completely get it, it's a generational thing as this was a long time ago.  This is one of the few songs on my list released before my time in country radio.  I joined in 1981, this was three years prior, but I played this and others off this album for many years.  Stardust, by Willie Nelson is one of the greatest albums ever recorded. (I didn't say that  -  sales, history, reviews even Rolling Stone says it).  It's Willie performing standards -  songs written by some of the best composers ever.  This song was a Country #1, a Grammy award winner as a remake of the classic Ray Charles song.  But the story is the Stardust album itself.  This was the lead single from the album that would stay on the charts for a record setting 511 consecutive weeks, or 10 years! (That would be from now till March 2033).   Astonishing to say the least.  It was recorded in 9 days in the producers LIVING ROOM with harmonica parts recorded in a TILE SHOWER.  There are no background singers, everything recorded in very few takes. The sheer simplicity of this song and album are its absolute strength.  The record company was upset this wasn't Willie's Outlaw Image and were also very upset he was not on the album cover.  It is one of the most loved albums of all time, and has sold too many millions to count.  This song is a work of art as is the entire album as Willie is incredible here.  Oh, and Willie is still winning Grammy's, like this year and is still touring as he'll be at Blossom this summer.  There is a real thing called timelessness   -  and this is.

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