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WYNN - COUNTRY MUSIC MEMORY LANE - The Vocalists: Supreme (Part 1)

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SW small Logo In Country there are many different kinds of singers and styles. In this series we will revisit some of the best pure singers we've have had in my over 40 years behind the morning show country music microphone.  This will be a multi-part series as there are more than a few.

There is no order, and the omission of one of your favorites today does not mean they are not "as good"  as someone else.  They may be in the next installment of this series.  We are not going to take career stats into account either, these are simply incredible singers that would sound good singing about anything, anywhere, any time.  In each installment, I will have a mix of men, women and eras.  Also in many cases I include my full profile I've written on them.  

They are  -  The Vocalists: Supreme  (Part 1)

Faith Hill  -  My Full Profile On Faith Hill

When she came up in the early 1990's, she had great success singing very popular songs that were well received by fans everywhere.  Much of the early stuff was fun, but not as vocally challenging as songs that would be ahead. And as time went on Faith Hill evolved and became one of the great vocalists of any era and any genre.  She has sung everything, everywhere. She can sing it all and makes it all sound so effortless.  She is a Mega Star.  The featured song, is not her biggest country hit by any means, but I always felt was a fantastic example of her natural ability to put herself deep inside a song she believed in. Cry = Grammy Winner!

I Love Her Performance On This Song


Ronnie Milsap -  My Full Profile On Ronnie Milsap

To me, his sheer vocal ability is the standard in which all other male country singers is measured against.  Milsap's great success over many decades is enviable, but his vocal range, emotion and power is simply beyond compare.  He sang great country songs, pop songs and knew how to finish a song as well as anyone we've ever had.  Milsap's talent was immense.  This song below, (is older school) but a great example of his God given octave range and talent, both very rare for anyone anywhere.  This song was recorded by dozens of big country stars over decades, but this is the accepted best version ever.  #1.  Read the comments in the video.   Also - Check out this vocal gem -  (Almost Like A Song) Incredible.

Incredibly Emotive And What A Powerful Finish....


Janie Fricke - My Full Profile On Janie Fricke

She sang it all over decades and did it as well as anyone.  She sang backup for Elvis, she was the number one commercial jingle singer for many years, then to Nashville.  She sang duets and backup for and with many stars including Johnny Duncan and Merle Haggard and well, about everyone else.  Then her own career that was a big success winning a whole lot of awards ascending to the top female vocalist of her era without any question, scoring tons of hit songs. She was a five time Female Vocalist Of The Year  from various groups including the CMA, ACM, and others.  She is exceptionally versatile and that was/is her strength.  Her pure singing ability, regardless of the material, is simply sensational.

This Song Marries Many Different Styles, Hard To Do


Trace Adkins

As many fun songs as he recorded in his long career, to me the heartfelt songs are the ones that really cut through. Trace Adkins is blessed with a God-given big, believable, booming, baritone voice that sings everything very well.  He also many times made perfect song choices that fit him to a tee.  I have heard him sing about everything from Hank Sr. songs in tributes on TV, to borderline rock where his wonderful warmth and sincerity are incredible and insanely rare.  There are a number of songs he recorded that I can't imagine anyone else singing. Trace Adkins is a remarkably gifted singer with incredible power on the low and the higher end of his register. He also has as distinctive of a vocal sound as anyone over the past couple of decades.

Perfect Song For Him In Every Way

Wynn small pic


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