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WYNN - BROWNS - Playing In The Neighbors Yard

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SW small Logo The Browns had a nice win last week and now it's on to Pittsburgh with the Steelers in another big divisional game.  I have stated in the years I have been writing about the Browns, success in the long run in any season comes down to their play against the Steelers.  If you want to win this division, the Browns must beat the Steelers twice in a year.  We don't do it, almost without fail.  Last year was the year to do it, and we didn't.  But that's behind us and so are all the other years.

The Browns have typically played the Ravens and the Bengals well, splitting many years and getting the occasional sweep against one of them. But Pittsburgh is a very different story.  We just don't win in the neighbors yard and this is the year that needs to change.  Again, like last week there are no more excuses.  This Browns team is better than them overall.  But where the Steelers are better is crucial.  They're a better organization by far, better coached, with better tradition over the last 50 years.  Plus they need a win badly after being humiliated last week at home.  They'll be in a mood.

The Browns have a good opportunity here to really kick em where it hurts.  If you can win there you'll be 2-0 and the same in the division with the Steeler road game fading in the rear view mirror as the weeks go forward.  If you stumble, you've brought yourself back to the pack  - and it's on.  But right now the Browns are riding the wave of last week and the tide is going out on the Steelers, this is the chance to get it done. 

But make no mistake the Steelers will be ready to defend their back yard especially after last weeks darn rare debacle.  This game could set the tone for the rest of the Browns season even more than the Bengal game did. This is a game many have us losing even though the odds makers have us as a slight favorite.  I don't care what team is favored, or on the way up or down, this will be a challenge for either team to win.  I would have preferred the Steelers to win last week.  They will never admit it, but they are desperate. And if they win, things go back to normal for them, and sadly us.

Last week was a good win for the Browns.  Great defense, enough offense and the absence of ridiculous in game decisions that have plagued this team the last two years.  The dye has been cast, now execute the plan. 

Beat the Steelers this week and you do yourself a whole lot of good, for right now and for much later.


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