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WYNN - Justin Moore - Writing The Lifestyle

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SW small Logo Justin Moore has been on singing songs on WQMX for many years now. You love him and have since his start.  Moore's lastest song, This Is My Dirt is a great example of the reason why.  This is simply terrific in about any way a song can be.  Moore does here what he does a lot.  He sings about what he knows and the kind of lifestyle the bulk of country radio listeners have.  This is spot on.  He writes the lifstyle.

Us Country fans have our own lifestyle and for the most part live in the real world that most people do.  Moreover, we are proud of the life we lead with family, and the things we do and value.  He always seems to know who's listening and that's not as easy as it may seem.  He knows what songs are right for him and his fans and gives it to them.  He celebrates our lifestyle and puts himself and us right in the song.   He's a great story teller -  and that's traditional country and his fans love that about him.

I love that many of his songs are very visual, when you can see yourself right where he's standing at that moment that's golden.  This song "gets it" as this is highly emotive and finds feelings in you that are wide ranging depending on your life and family circumstances.  This does what many GREAT country songs do, "makes 'em cheer up - or makes 'em tear up."

At the end of every year, Sarah and I pick our top five songs of the year.  I know it's February, but this is certainly going to be tough to shove out of mine.  This is just a flat out great country song.  I mean really, really great.

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