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WYNN - Thanks Tom!

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SW small Logo By now I'm sure you've heard about the new project from the Tom Petty estate. There is a new tribute album (Petty Country)  due in May featuring many of today's big country stars doing Petty songs. (Cherise introduced us to this Friday)   This of course has been done dozens of times before from various artists over many years.  Some of them have been good, others have been ill-advised, but in Tom Petty's case I feel this is a pretty darn good idea.

Hey, I'm not gonna sit here and try to pretend that Tom Petty was country, because that isn't accurate.  But what is accurate, the fact that he was highly influential to many future country stars that grew up Petty fans.  Petty, more than most of his era cast a certain overall dye that was appealing to many young musicians.  His heavy guitar riffs were fun to imitate and the structure of his songs were simple and straight forward.  Petty was an interesting mix of rock, southern rock, future country and garage band fun. 

There was nothing about his music that seemed out of reach for those who had dreams of stardom. His vocals of course, extremely unique in the fact that he was kind of a stylist. His vocals were not intimidating, and you felt secure singing along.  I also have never seen someone so humble and thankful to be given a Superbowl Halftime performance.  You could see it in the picture above. A career moment never thought possible. Incredible example to others.

Big Hit - Very Simple And Straightforward


Petty's image itself was disarming and had a very welcoming approach. He was far more unassuming than virtually every other rock star of his time, and that's how many country stars are.  What I think Petty did very well without really trying was, making those up and comers with big dreams feel like they could do it too.  And even though his songs were not country, they were a mindful blueprint for those in the next generation of country stars to build on. He was influential to a new line of future country stars much like the Eagles, Lynard Skynyrd, ZZ Top and the Allman Brothers were. Just as Petty himself was highly influenced by Elvis.

This Is Played Everywhere - Still Loved! 


Petty was from Gainesville, Florida so southern rock ran through his veins and manifested itself through his music.  His Damn The Torpedoes album is one of the most successful albums of its era, and has been imitated many times.  In the 80's he wrote songs for the country group, Southern Pacific who had a top 20 hit with the Petty penned, Thing About You that featured Emmylou Harris in 1985.  He recorded it too in 1980.  Petty was versatile in the fact he recorded with many big stars and had a long career that was hard to place in one category.  

Dierks Bentley  - From The Tribute Album


Southern Pacific  - Top 20 - Petty Written - GREAT Guitar Riff


Yes I was a fan, but that makes little difference in the fact that Petty was a star, who left no doubt that his influence to a more modern country was enormous.  I'd write this if I wasn't a fan because the truth is the truth.  Not bad for a guy who himself never charted a country hit.  His legacy to country, was his influence.

Well done Tom!

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