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Is The Nice Weather Really Here?

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Well, after a day or two of severe weather, and the snow  -  that at least didn't stick, it seems the nicer weather for the most part may finally be here.  And for me, and for you, that means the annual firing up of the equipment, and seasons first mow.  I did it today.  I was not letting someone else in my hood set the pace.  I did not want to have mow envy, I wanted to be envied because of my pace setting mow.  (Should be noted, the tractor pictured as the cover for this post is NOT my mower, but has been used for dramatic effect.  And I wish it was)

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My house after the years first mow!

It's such a guy thing, you see your neighbor mowing, and you clear your schedule and get to it.  Graduations, showers, weddings, and other major activities have been missed because of the urge to mow.  Plus, the "afterparty" that ensues, as you sit and look at what you've done in concert with the magic of the mower.

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 All this Spring Work wears Juneau out!

The first mow of the year is always a good time. Yard is green, yard looks good and it's an easy chore.  That gives way to flashing forward 100 days, when the grass giddiness goes away, and then it's just another chore. But as far as this week is concerned?    Enjoy the mow.

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