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Hey, I'm Browns fan like you. And it seems this Fall, we will have to adjust our Browns viewing as we have gone "Prime Time!!"  The Schedule is out!

Seems the Browns have four night games, which I think the league limit is five.  Plus, looks like we will play week 2 on Monday Night Football with the Jets.  BTW - first EVER Monday Night game was at Municipal Stadium, Cleveland 1970  -  against the Jets, with the Legend of Homer Jones  (Google it)

The Browns have figured out at long last that the NFL isn't really sports anymore. It's entertainment. And drafting high profile characters who can play like Baker Mayfield, and trading for lightning rods like OBJ, and others get you noticed.  Sure we all want to win, but the Browns also want to be noticed, relevant, popular, cool, and on national TV.

You have to get the fans excited in anticipation of winning, and then you have to actually win.  Thus far, the Browns have everyone excited and ready to go, including the NFL itself. 

Then you have to win!  GO BROWNS!~

Got my Browns Party Jacket ready to go!!


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