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WYNN QUOTES - Dogs Find A Way

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“Dogs find that one hidden place in our hearts, that alludes virtually everyone, and everything else”


My Dog – Juneau The Husky!   If I watch closely enough, she teaches me much


If you are a dog owner, you understand this as well as you know anything.  Dogs, find a place within us that nothing else can.  It’s uniquely their charge, as dogs themselves are unique.  Our dogs come to us in various ways.  Bought, adopted, found, inherited, and so forth. And they don’t care how they get to you. They only care that they do. 

The key to this is simple.  The genesis of your relationship with your dog makes no difference to your dog.  Your new friendship is predicated on, just being friends.  There is no judgment, or baggage between you.  Granted, in some cases your new dog may have some baggage on his own.  His past could be tough and tumble, or horrible.  But all he wants is to start again, anew, with you.  No other friendship we have, has this as its starting point.

From that moment on your dog has only one goal in mind.  Pleasing you and making you a part of his life.  One thing I think we all have to remember, is that as good of company as our dogs can be for US, we are THEIR best friend.  WE are all THEY have. They look to us daily for everything they need and want.  And dogs give us all they have to give every minute of every day.  They have nothing else to give, besides their loyalty and love, which to them is one of the same.

So if you wonder why you feel the way you do about your dog, and why he is in a place within you that is different and separate from every other being on the planet?  It’s because that’s how you are   –  to him. They find that place, because they want to.

There is much to learn from a dog, that is worth learning

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