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“Support, Makes The Heart Grow Fonder…”

I know you’ll say the the word is  - “absence “  -  in the famous quote, and I believe that to be true also.  But “support” to me is far more close to home, and more powerful.  As I believe showing support for someone you love is a daily happening, as well as one that can be easily transferred when absence is a temporary part of your life.

I am a big believer that supporting the important players in your life is one of the best gifts you can give them.  And equally, I feel it is one of the most valuable you can receive when it’s your turn.  And someday, it will be your turn.  When you gladly, and with a happy heart, support them in endeavors that are worth supporting you are saying to them, “I love and believe in you, and your charge.”   And that glad act goes well up and beyond the spoken word, of  “I love and care about you.” It is action.  Support is a verb in this case.  There are some, but there are few words I would rather hear than,” I support you.”  Those words are like gold to me to hear.

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Sadly, this is not the always the case with people in our daily lives as many factors can get in the way.  And yes, not everyone’s actions can be supported, obviously.  But for those people that have found their way into your world, or more importantly, into your heart, many times that is what they want up and beyond your love.  And I feel it is up and beyond love.  It is a higher love.  And who wouldn’t want that?

And when they venture out in some fashion, whether it be a new career,  a new job, a healthier life style, or setting out on a journey worth taking somewhere on our globe, they want to know you are with them. 

And when you choose to support them fully with your heart  –  that’s exactly   -  where you are.

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