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Meet Two Great Guys!

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The past few weeks I had the honor of remembering fondly the early part of my radio days.  A few weeks ago, Windy and I were in Nashville on a fun weekend, and I saw a great old friend named Dave Lenahan who is working at the Ryman these days.  Dave was the Program Director at WOBL in Oberlin, Ohio that gave me my first job in Country Radio, My first big break, back when the Earth was cooling.  My first job in radio was a Pop/Rock station (in those days)  WLRO in Lorian, Ohio I was 19.

Dave gave me my second radio job and introduced me to a whole new world that has been, and continues to be very good to me all these 38 years later -  every day!   I have worked at only Country Stations ever since Dave hired me.  It was great to see him.

Me and Dave at the Ryman!

sw dave

Then a week or two later, I learned of the passing of a friend of mine named Damon Sheridan.  Damon gave me the second big break of my career, when he hired me to do mornings at WRMZ in Columbus, Ohio, a new Country Station, when I was newly 22 years old.  He hired me away from Dave at WOBL.

Damon Sheridan.  I wish I had a pic together with him.

sw damon

I guess what I have been feeling is that we all have those we will never forget in our careers.  Those who made a HUGE impression, even if we are too busy to really digest it at the time, because all is happening too fast.  It was great to reconnect with these memories within a very short time. 

To Dave, and Damon. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for your belief in me at the very beginning.  I will continue to try to do you both proud, all these decades later. Dave - It was great to see you, and Damon  - Rest well my friend.

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Windy and I at the Ryman!  -

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