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Let's Talk Nurses And Teachers!

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This is a nice week for a bunch of people that certainly deserve a week of their own. Nurses and Teachers! They are a very special bunch for more reasons than I can mention.

There are few professions that are more demanding, and more rewarding in the long run. Think about both of them. They, for the most part, spend far more time caring and tending to others than they do their own.

Nurses - You know how tough it is when someone in your own home is sick or laid up. You take care of them, because they are family, and you love them. And after a few days, your patience can wear thin. Nurses take care of countless people every single day, they don't even know. And they will do the same thing the next day, and the day after that. Many times dealing and saving people's lives that are less than decent to them.

Teachers - In a classroom with 25 or so kids, (Not theirs) teaching them, dealing with them, and spending precious time sometimes before and after school with them. And of course, dealing with their parents first in many aspects, all while their own families wait for them to come home.

We all have our things to deal with our own jobs. And yours, or mine is not being minimized here. But with all our nurses and teachers do, they have well earned our respect and our admiratoin for a job well done, and in the end, a life well lived..

Thank you!

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