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I have heard a ton of songs over the years and lived through the ebb and flow of Country Music many times over.  I do get asked a lot, "Who are your favorites in Country?"  Truth is, I have a tendency to be a bigger fan of songs as opposed to artists.

Of course some artists resonate more with me than others, but songs are where I live mostly.  I gravitate to songs that talk to you directly.  I like songs that celebrate the lifestyle of the listener as well.  And as Country fans, we have about as wide of a range of interests as anyone.  Our music is the only one that sounds as good in a Mercedes as it does in an old F-150.

Here are few of my favorites recently.   (No Order)

Down At The Honkytonk Jake Owen

Up Down -  Morgan Wallen

When It Rains It Pours  - Luke Combs 


Hotel Key -  Old Dominion


On My Way To You   -  Cody Johnson


Why?  As a format we have stretches where we can take ourselves too seriously sometimes.  There's nothing wrong with a "lovey-dovey" song, or some kind of "You're too good to be true" song. Or "If I was yours song, I'd be great to you" song.  And we certainly have no shortage of those.  But when we are the best, in my opinion, is when we have an great balance of that and what is listed above.  Music that represents our fun, our funny side, or our more than honest side.  Our music, like our fans is as versatile as any kind of music.  When we celebrate our versatility, we are the best we can be.

When we are too heavy, too serious, too dark, too pop we are much like the rest of the music scene.  Country peeps are true and fun, and like to be reminded of such.

What are yours?   (Let me know)

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