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WYNN QUOTES - Only Humans Can Be Kind

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“When you part with someone, they should always feel better than when you greeted them.”


This may seem like a lofty goal, but in essence, treat people kindly. Or maybe beyond kindly. I heard once that kindness is uniquely human, as people are the only things that can be kind. Things, places, animals can be nice, only humans have the ability to be kind. There may be a loophole you may think of somehow, but overall I feel this to be true.

In my profession I feel it is an immense part of my charge to make people feel happy. I learned years ago that people like to hear their name in conversation. Questions make people feel important as it shows them you are interested in who they are, or what they do. That many times, quietly makes people very happy, valued. And in other cases, some can’t hold it in when you hit just the right chord with them, and they instantly let you know you made their day. A handshake, smile, eye contact, it all adds up to making people feel more important than they did 5 minutes ago as a stranger, or neighbor. And that is a gift one can give all.

And with the people we love too. We all would like to think that they look greatly forward to seeing us every time, and value the kindness that brought you together in the first place. The best way to make sure this happens, is to make sure they know that’s how you feel – about them. Kindness is inherit in all of us I feel. We long for it, and maybe we long to be kind more than we may outwardly know.

If you do – be brave. Be what you crave.

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