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LOCAL - Pay It Forward For Pets

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Over the last number of years we take the care of our pets, especially dogs a bit more seriously.  Not to say we didn't before, but today dogs are more like a part of the family than ever before. Their food is better, good meds, they live longer, and overall we pamper them more.  My Husky, Juneau, is very important to me.  I adopted her about 9 years ago from a non-kill shelter after she had been on the run for a long time, and now she going to be 10 this year.  And although her health is fantastic, I know she will one day pass on before I do. Lesson one, on day one, when you adopt a dog.


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One of the things I have done for her is overnight board her at a terrific place run by the amazing Georjette Thomas, Pay It Forward For Pets, in the Merriman Valley. They are a non-profit organization that has been so since day one.   I have known Georjette many years and I have never met a more passionate person for animal welfare, and I don't think I ever will.  Her dedication to making the world better for animals that need a voice, is beyond extraordinary.  By taking Juneau there while I travel, or am out of town with The Beautiful Windy, has been a great thing for her.

The set up there is so revolutionary, Juneau has grown to be much wiser, kinder and better adjusted by her stays there. Georjette's mission is to get as many shelter dogs into forever homes.  I urge you strongly to adopt a dog, or cat when it is your turn. The need is great, and it never ends!

Dogs are loved there and they know it. They socialize with other loved dogs.  Overnight dogs get thier own suite, and during the day there is plenty of fun for all. Prices are competive and they are NON-PROFIT!  I would not leave Juneau with anyone else other than with the amazing people at PIFFP. Not only do they love her and take care of her, she's a better dog at home, for staying there occasionally.  The staff and volunteers have an absolute, and unconditional love for animals, and that is evident the second you walk through the door.

Keep them in mind, these are local people worth supporting. You can support them with your business, or with your monotary donation here. Proud to be a client!

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