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TRIBE - Yes, It's Wishful Thinking, But So?

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Opening Day for the Tribe is not far off, and we're starting to get excited about baseball again.  OK, let's forget for a moment about the terrible Astro and Red Sox situation, and think more instead of something far more pleasant.  Contract negotiations.

You may have heard the somewhat encouraging news from Frankie Lindor that he wants to remain an Indian for years to come.  He said all the right things, and needless to say we would all like that to be in the cards.  But it more than likley will not.  But the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and it's been taken.  Now it's up to him and the Tribe to talk. 

The newest trend is the amount of years players want.  10 seems to be the hot number, and there is no way I would sign any player to that long of a deal in sports.  That's where these crazy numbers are coming from. 300-400 million dollars.  The Tribe won't pay that. They key is, to get the amount of years down, and that may be possible to keep the number under control, maybe 150 million.   (Ridiculous)  He's young too and that plays to his advantage long term.  Everyone may be dreaming, but wouldn't it be great to keep him here during his real prime?  

The problem will be the baseball union though.  They have thier agenda, and right now it's long term deals for star players. But truth be told, Frankie could still sign another huge deal after this one, and still cash in.  And more truth be told, Lindor is more valuable to the Indians than he would be any other place that could cough up 300 million for 10 years. Right now, he is "Indians Baseball."  I can see a statue out front in years ahead if he stays, and it would be earned. 

But as fun as it is to think about this, and visualize it, baseball economic odds are tough to beat, it may all be wishful thinking.  Just like baseball itself.  We wish for a grand slam, or a two-out ninth inning rally.  But in reality, those things only happen a small percentage of the time.  There is no question we wish for Frankie to stay, maybe he will hit the grand slam, in the ninth and we all go home happy.

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